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Private Label Services

Custom Beverage Solutions. Flexibility for Innovation.

You need flexibility and options when evaluating how formulas will translate to commercial scale-up. Our TTB & FDA-registered plant specializes in creating innovative spirits and non-alcoholic beverages. Use our facilities to:

    • Prepare and run R&D trials. 
    • Generate multiple variables for quality, processing, and packaging comparisons.
    • Assess and evaluate multiple equipment and processing options.
    • Design and optimize formulas and processes.
    • Use lab facilities for microbial, chemical, and physical analyses.
    • Produce samples for consumer testing, clinical studies, shelf-life studies, and trade shows.
    • Produce for-sale product for test markets and micro-launches.
Private Label Services

The R6 Partnership

Together, we can design innovative and creative solutions for your brand’s needs. With a dedicated team to provide expertise and resources, we bring safe, high-quality, and commercially viable products to market.

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Profit from our deep heritage in award winning spirits, RTDs, food safety, process validation, and commercialization. Gain a dedicated team of process development professionals, including Process Authority experts, scientists, engineers, and food technologists.

Processing Capabilities


  • High & Low Acid Beverages
  • Shelf-Stable & Refrigerated Beverages
  • Carbonated & Non-Carbonated Beverages
  • Products for Clinical Trials, R&D, Consumer Testing, Test Markets


  • Kettles
  • Mixers
  • Bottling Lines
  • Canning Lines
  • Date Coding
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Velcorin Dosing
  • Nitrogen Dosing


  • Cans 
  • Glass Bottles
  • Plastic Bottles 

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