R(6) Story

On May 24,1926 the six Rubens brothers opened the doors to what became known as the Rubens Rialto Square Theatre. A major undertaking in a small city at the time, the Rubens brothers hired a pair of Chicago-based architects, C.W. and George L. Rapp to execute their vision for a theatre that would rival any in the major cities. The result was a magnificent European inspired structure with an ornate exterior, and art filled decorum inside and out. Rob Rubens (4th generation) has always been amazed by what his family accomplished as entrepreneurs. The many stories Rob heard growing up, about the theatre during the Roaring 20’s and prohibition days, inspired Rob to leave the corporate world and continue the Rubens family tradition of taking your vision and making it reality.

Rob Rubens

Founder, Head Distiller

Contract Distilling services for spirit brands at R6 Distillery in Los Angeles, California

Rob fell in love with the mystery and art of distillation after his first (and unplanned) trip to Old New Orleans Rum Distillery. He knew it was time for a change. After spending the better part of a decade in corporate America and realizing that was not his path, Rob started visiting plenty of distilleries and breweries and decided it was time to make waves. Coupling his experience with the desire to bring quality spirits to Los Angeles, Rob decided to open this speakeasy inspired distillery for everyone to enjoy. In all of his spare time (joke), Rob loves to hike, sky dive, tour live music, attempt the piano, and regain his sanity via traveling the world.

Prior to founding R6, Rob ambitiously completed his undergraduate studies in 2.3 years, achieving designation as Summa Cum Laude and his Graduate Degree with distinction. Rob also holds multiple financial certifications and designations.

Favorite R6 Cocktail: Bacon Fashioned

Favorite New Album: Free Rein by Rebelution

Come say hi to us in the taproom. Our hours are:

Wednesday | 4:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.*

Thursday | 4:30 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.*

Friday | 4:30 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.*

Saturday | 3:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.*

Sunday | 3:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.*

Our Team

Our Private Label Distillers in El Segundo, California (Los Angeles County)

Andrew Hulle


Andrew is a Southern California native with a passion for brewing tasty beers & distilling delicious spirits. Several years ago, he received a home brewing kit for his birthday that would forever change his appreciation for craft beer and brewing. It didn’t take long for this new hobby to grow into something that he knew he wanted to make a career out of. He began bartending at R6 in November 2017 where he quickly gained an interest in distilling spirits. Discovering that same interest and passion in distilling as he’d found in brewing, he began assisting with the production of R6 Spirits and has been learning everything he can about it ever since. In addition to his interests of brewing and distilling, Andrew loves to play guitar, create the heaviest music possible, travel, and collect vinyl. 

Favorite R6 Cocktail: Coffee and Cigarettes

Meredith Hayman

Cocktail Director

Meredith is a native Californian, working behind the bar and making cocktail dreams

come true for over 12 years. She leads the R6 DISTILLERY cocktail program in our speakeasy, creating phenomenally delicious, seasonal creations from our amazing whiskies, vodka, gin, and rum. She also has been involved with many bar programs throughout Los Angeles, spending the last two years at the iconic Michael’s Restaurant in Santa Monica. 

Meredith will talk to you all day long about anything spirit related or the latest Binge-worthy TV show. In her rare spare time she is an aunt to the world’s cutest nieces and loves long walks on the beach.

Favorite R6 Spirit: Smoked Bourbon

Favorite R6 Cocktail: Rum Daquiri

Los Angeles Contract Distilling Team

Christopher Quinn

Brand Ambassador

Christopher has been involved in the service industry for over 10 years. Hospitality is natural to him. He loves to greet guests and treat them as if they’re old friends with stories to share and he has an ear to listen.

He has a passion for mixing it up and entertaining; nothing but good vibes and good times will do. He has progressively worked his way through the hospitality and service industry with the intention of becoming a bartender for that reason.

He took some time away from the industry for family and travel, eventually coming back to his calling and doing what he does best. He will make you feel at home and a part of the family. So come share your story and be entertained by one of the best!

Favorite R6 Cocktail: Smoked Old Fashioned

Favorite R6 Spirit: Single Malt Whisky

Maria Rossi

Event Coordinator

How dd a nice Irish girl from NY end up in a whiskey joint like this? The story is long, or more precisely, it is a collection of short stories with one common theme…

Over the past 30 years Maria has worked in the hospitality industry in one form or another: resorts, hotels, corporate and private restaurants – holding every title from line cook to GM. For most of her professional career sha has been a private chef, traveling from Manhattan to Los Angeles with multiple states and countries in between. She has worked for chefs, politicians, royalty and rock legends.

You could say she has taken that proverbial path less traveled; usually running down it with great optimism. Though some ventures turned out to be less than ideal, the experiences and lessons learned are not regretted. So when an opportunity to be part of a product and family she truly believes in arose, she could not resist starting a new journey.

Favorite R6 Cocktail: There isn’t one in particular she prefers. Rather, she finds it has more to do with the timing, environment and most importantly the company.

Jen Jaskiewicz

Chief Print & Web Designer

Jen has been designing for a variety of clients over the last 10 years including a number of well-known Chicago bars and restaurants, as well as small businesses from all over the country. She also works full-time as a UI/UX Designer at a large medical tech company. Her favorite client of course, is R6 DISTILLERY. Rob and Jen have been close friends for over a decade and when she was presented with the opportunity to help design and grow his brand from the ground up, she jumped at the chance. From the spirit labels to promo materials, signage, tappers, and the website, she has had her hand in just about everything design-related at R6. Rob and Jen collaborate on each project resulting in countless late-nights and thousands of emails. But all the hard-work is worth it when she sees the growing success of the distillery over just few years.

When Jen’s not behind her desk in her home office with her cat on her keyboard, you can find her hiking with her husband and dog, chasing a toddler, traveling from ATL to CHI, or taking pictures of her food for insta. @inkpaperdesign

Favorite R6 Cocktail:  West Coast Mule, poured over ice in a copper mug


Quality Control & Security

With a similar passion for quality drinks, but mainly protecting the sanity of those bringing you the R6 spirits, Jax is our Top Dog. You can find him doing QC walks around the distillery, keeping an eye on the tasting room, or catching some zzz’s in the office.

Jax has a busy schedule, but when he manages to catch a break, he enjoys the dog park, sniffing other dogs…well, you know…and harassing cats.

Favorite R6 Cocktail:  Water from the cats bowl