Whiskey Cocktails

We are limited to serving 1.5 oz. of alcohol per person, per day.

Smoked Old Fashioned
$ 16

R6 Smoked Bourbon, Sugar, Angostura Bitters, Orange

Sweet Wheat
$ 15

R6 Whiskey, Maple, Walnut Bitters, Orange, Lemon

Gold Rush
$ 15

R6 Bourbon, Lemon, Wildflower Honey

Kentucky Mule
$ 15

R6 Bourbon, Lime, Ginger Beer

Rum, Gin & Vodka Cocktails

R6 Daiquiri
$ 13

R6 Rum, Lime, Sugar

Gin Maid
$ 14

R6 Gin, Cucumber, Lime, Mint

Cocktails To-Go
$ 20+

Check with Your Bartender for our Selection of Cocktails To-Go

West Coast Mule
$ 13

R6 Vodka, Organic Sugar Cane, Ginger Beer // Get a 4 pack to go for $14

Backyard Tea
$ 15

R6 Rum, Mezcal, Vanilla, Lemon, Smoked Black Tea


R6 Classic
$ 18

1/2 oz. pour of three spirits Bourbon, Blue Corn Vodka, Wheat Whiskey, served neat // all spirits are gluten free

R6 Make Your Own
$ 25

1/2 oz. pour of any three R6 spirits of your choice, served neat // all spirits are gluten free


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