Frequently Asked Questions

Can I hold my event in the taproom?

Yes! Check out our Private Events page to learn more about our spaces and to request a date.

Do you hold weekly events?

Check out our Events Calendar to see what’s going on for the month. You can also see the Distillery Tour schedule on our Events Calendar.

Do you offer tours?

Yes, Check out our Events Calendar for the Tour schedule and for tour information.

Do you have live music?

Yes, Check out our Events Calendar for the Tour schedule and for tour information.

What kid of beer do you serve?

Check out our current tap list on our taproom page. In addition to our flagship ales, we have quite a variety of seasonals, special releases, and experimental beers that are exclusively available in our taproom.

Is the distillery and taproom kid-friendly?

Yes, but we are NOT a daycare. We have plenty of activities and non-alcoholic beverages available for guests under 21 years of age, but minors must be with their parents or guardians at all times. We strive for our tasting room to be a fun and family-friendly place, but groups who do not follow this rule will be asked to leave.

Do you have any games?

Yes! From Jenga to Catchphrase to Cards Against Humanity – and many in between!

What is the best way to contact you?

Email is the best way to reach us, since we are away from our phone making spirits most of the day. If you would like to call and leave a voicemail, you can call 424.277.1134, but please allow 2-3 days for a response (again, email is fastest!)

Do you sell non-alcoholic beverages?

Yes! Our community water station is free for everyone, but we also offer soda and virgin cocktails. We have plenty of options for those not drinking or those under 21, accompanied by an adult.

Do I really need to bring my ID?


I see you do not serve food. Can I bring my own?

Yes! We encourage you to bring along whatever food you would like when you visit our tasting room. We also encourage you to order food to be delivered to you in the tasting room. There are several fantastic restaurants in our neighborhood that would be delighted to deliver food to you.

Do you allow dogs?

Only registered, bonafide Service Dogs (not Support) are allowed.

Where else can I buy R6 Spirits?
Do you fill growlers?

Yes! If you have an empty growler to exchange, you’ll only need to pay the refill price. Please ensure it has the name of our brewery on it, or the name completely covered / obscured, so we can fill it for you (this is a state requirement).

Why can't I bring my own alcohol?

State law prohibits any alcoholic beverages in our taproom other than the beer and spirits we produce on site. This also means that you cannot bring in any alcoholic beverages with you to drink while you are here. You are more than welcome to bring any NON-alcoholic beverages though!