Create a Bourbon or Single Malt Whiskey Business

R6 Distillery now offers Contract Distilling in Los Angeles. If you have ever thought of having your own Whisky or bourbon brand, but didn’t want to put in the thousands of hours and milions of dollars, R6 distillery private label distilling could be the answer you’re looking for.

Spirit Production Contracts

R6 offers white label distilling out of our facility in El Segundo, California. The typical contract is inclusive of guidance on obtaining your licensure, developing recipes and the entire distillation and bottling procedure.

The most popular spirit that we distill for our white label clients is bourbon, followed by Vodka and gin.

We have a proven staff, most of whom have worked in our facility since our company inception as Rob Rubens Distillery in 2015.

To get a quote on distilling your bourbon, fill out our quote request form on the private label distilling page. Our CEO and owner will touch base with all serious inquirers. There have been an influx on new distillers that have looked for free lessons on distilling instead of making a hiring decision, so please understand that inquiries are limited to those with serious interest. White label distilling spirit consultations are free for the first half hour with a fee being charged for any overages.

Both single malt and bourbon whisky can be distilled at the facility as well as vodka and gin. At R6, we have out own line of spirits that is offered throughout regional grocery and liquor stores as well as being the recipient of many awards.

Who Is Whiskey Distilling For?

As Los Angeles’ best distillery, R6 offers our private label spirit distilling to a broad spectrum of clients from retirees that have no experience in the industry to other spirit brands that are looking to increase their production capacity.

If you are new to the distillation process, understand that great spirits take time and money, you should be able to allocate $10K/ month to the distillation of your whiskey, vodka or gin.

If you are an industry veteran, you already have your own recipes, barrels and licenses, the process typically is quicker and less expensive.

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