Contract Distilling in Los Angeles, CA

Why Choose R6 DISTILLERY for Contract Distilling...

What is a more fun business than owning your own liquor brand. If you’re as fanatical about the spirits business as we are…nothing!

R6 is a family owned distillery in El Segundo CA, just south of Los Angeles International airport. We distill dozens of spirits at our facility and in 2018 opened our facility up to be used by other brands. 

Our employees are versed in every part of the business. We will walk you through the inticate process of cutting the red tape from the state and federal institutions, crafting your recipe, distilling your spirit and bottling and labeling your finished product. 

About Contract Distilling at our Los Angeles facility

  • Spirits Crafted With Care

    Our entire bottling process is done by hand. Filling, labeling, corking, packing, and palatalizing is done four bottles at a time, and every bottle is inspected along the way.

  • We Make Spirits That Stand Out

    Whatever spirit you choose to make, we will make it an international contender!

  • Low Minimum Orders

    As your brand grows, we have the capability to produce bigger and bigger orders, so you can keep up with demand.

  • Experts in Our Field

    With a team and resources of more than two decasdes of total experience, we know the industry, so your brand can hit the ground running.

  • Hang Tags, Hand Signed Bottles

    We offer an “a la carte” menu of production extras to add a personalized touch to every bottle of your product.

  • Spirits Consulting

    Ask us any questions you have about bringing a new alcoholic beverage to the market, and we will use our 20+ years of experience in making great spirits to answer it.

  • Federal Approvals

    We offer services to help get you through the red-tape as quickly as possible at the Federal and State level. We submit Label and Formula Approvals to the TTB for you, or offer you advice if you are doing it yourself.

  • Supplies

    A lot more than just the liquid goes into making a bottle of booze. When it comes to corks, bottles, boxes, labels, and ingredients, we have built the right relationships with the right vendors to ensure our clients get their needs handled properly.

  • Recipe Development

    Our Head Distiller can create flavor profiles from scratch, or we can work with a formula that you have already developed as we get your product ready for production.

  • Infusions

    Once your recipe is ready, our production team will scale it for each batch size. We will infuse or add any flavors, filter the product, and bring it to proof before its ready to bottle.

  • Bottling

    Our production line can fill all standard bottle sizes, including 50mL, 700mL, 750mL, 1L, and 1,75L. However, we are not limited to those sizes: being hand-crafted we are able to accommodate most other sizes and can even fill odd-shaped bottles too.

  • Logistics

    Our Shipping and Logistics Department will ensure that your product is packaged and palletized correctly so that it’s safe on its journey to you or your distributor. We can also arrange freight pickups for your orders by request.

Bourbon Bottle Filling R6 Distillery
R6 Distillery El Segundo

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